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Recipes: 2 soups

  So it turns out keeping the kids back from this soup for long enough for me to take a decent photo was pretty much impossible. Turkey Noodle Soup 2 turkey steaks, sliced into strips 1 litre chicken stock (I … Continue reading

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Recipe: Peach Cobbler

Really, a cobbler is for later on in the summer, when the fruit is getting a bit old and past it, not now when they are just starting to appear in the shops. ┬áBut I foolishly left the peaches in … Continue reading

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Peanut Sauce

The advantage of feeding the kids early on a Tuesday is I get to have this for dinner. Noodles, sliced veg and peanut sauce. Tasty vegan goodness. The recipe came from a relative so I’m not sure where it originated. … Continue reading

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2 Ways to Use Roast Vegetables

Sometimes it can feel like post December winter veg is just a succession of bland mash, especially if you don’t cook with butter. ┬áBut this week I’ve been on a roasting kick and it has significantly improved my opinion of … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tomato Tarte Tatin

The recipe is from Design Sponge and I loved how it turned out. The tomatoes turned sweet, intense and concentrated in the oven and the pastry was a crumbly contrast note. But enough of talking like a Masterchef judge, as … Continue reading

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Recipe: Armenian Lentil Soup

I’ve been messing about with this recipe for a while but this was finally the right version. Thick, while still being a little soupy, strong lemon taste and warming enough for the confused weather of early spring. I swear that … Continue reading

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Hummus, my way

It seems weird I haven’t done a hummus recipe yet, but 18saughtonmains is the default hummus maker around here and although he has promised to post his recipe, he hasn’t got around to it yet. So here is mine, inspired … Continue reading

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