So what do you eat? Part 1 – Snacks

"5 blueberries arranged on a checkered surface"(This post has been inspired by coming home from a visit to Gorgie Farm and realising I’m starving but I’m intending to make it an occasional series.)

When I tell people we don’t eat milk they often get a slightly panicked look and ask what we do eat. I think they assume we can only eat health shop food or food made from scratch.  However, we’re just as able to eat junk as any one and possibly slightly more likely to do so than the average hippie family as I tend to feel since my kids can’t have a lot of the stereotypical kids snacks they deserve some compensation.

This time of year, the toddler eats a lot of fruit as it is cheapest and available without too many food miles.  Especially popular are blueberries, which she will eat for as long as a parent is willing to give her some.  Her big sister is less convinced by fruit nowadays but just ate half a punnet of cherry tomatoes (don’t tell her they are fruit.)

At home we frequently snack on bagels or pittas and hummus.  Older daughter is going through an anti hummus phase at the moment but will happily eat dry bagel. Over ambitiously, I’m planning on trying to make my own bagels soon, since I’ve got a recipe for them and I’m nothing if not suggestible.

But the main staple that fuels us in our wanderings around this corner of Edinburgh are oat cakes.  Both kids will happily eat them dry and I find a couple of quickly scoffed oat cakes can be the difference between a calm evening and me shouting at the kids by about 5.30  But (and this will be a theme I return to) I need to be careful when buying oat cakes as quite a few brands have milk products for some reason.  I don’t know why as lard was traditional and nowadays some sort of oil is common, but there are surprisingly many of them that have milk powder added too.

Finally, we have been known to eat a biscuit or two and a surprising number of them don’t actually have milk in them.  My nearly 5 year old is an expert on what biscuits she is allowed and will happily direct any adult willing or un, towards the brands which are safe for her to eat.

About Nuala

Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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