Messed about with food – Mayo

"A piece of flatbread and a bowl of mayonnaise on a bread board"As it happens, I can make my own mayo – it is fairly simple to make if you can get good eggs and always impresses as a show off when cooking for others.  And it tastes amazing with fresh bread.  So I know what should be in mayonnaise.  It’s egg yolks, oil, salt and some vinegar or lemon.  That’s all you need.

Now I understand for the jarred stuff you need some stabilisers and that doesn’t bother me, but what is conspicuous by its absence from that list is anything involving milk.  So why does so much catering mayo contain milk powder?  I used to trust mayo when out and about but I’ve been made sick often enough that I ask before ordering now.  Last year, the place where elder daughter’s party was being held couldn’t source milk free mayo so we dropped them over a jar so she could get sandwiches that wouldn’t poison her.

The other annoyance about mayo is the recent invention by sandwich shops (I’m looking at you Pret a Manger) of yoghurt mayo dressing, where once there would have been mayo alone.  I know this is to try to bring the calorie rating of their sandwiches down, but I am unconvinced that it is necessary and it means I have to check labels every single time I eat there.

So, invoking a recent campaign in a slightly tasteless form, I say let mayo be mayo.  Eggs, oil and lemon or vinegar and keep the other ingredients away so I can occasionally have a tasty sandwich without having to make it all from scratch.

About Nuala

Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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