So what do you eat? Part 2 – Picnics

"an adult's and a child's feet on a sandy beach"We’re very busy here at chez chickpea with nursery finishing and school taster sessions and other early summery things[1].

Today was the nursery trip to the beach. The 80 year old nursery elder daughter goes to closes for its last day and as many of the kids and families who want to, get the train to a Fife beach with the teachers. This is a tradition with origins lost in the mists of time. The two years elder has been there we have been very lucky with the weather and I suspect our luck will run out when younger has her nursery years. But forget being pessimistic about the future, today was beautiful and we had a lovely 5 or so hours on the beach, paddling and playing games and eating food and (in my case) completely failing to find a geocache.

So what do we eat when we picnic? Today we had:
Focaccia – a River Cottage recipe, the subject of this blog’s header image and a family favourite. Recipe will follow in good time.
Chopped cucumber and cherry tomatoes in olive oil and balsamic vingear – I dipped the bread into this.
Hummus – an 18saughtonmains speciality, I shall ask him to do a guest post with the recipe.
Carrot sticks
Bread sticks
Cold meat (ham and beef today)
Garlic sausage (elder daughter’s current favourite)
Fruit sticks – these are slightly bizarre and extruded but the kids like them. I like to restrict them to special occasions.
Chopped strawberries with sugar added – by the time we ate them they were slightly warm and soft with juice running off them.
Cereal bars as emergency back up rations but they weren’t needed.

Also, we bought some iced lollies at the beach shop.

As often happens when you are somewhere new with small children I ended up feeling like I hadn’t eaten enough, because I was too distracted, but the children ate plenty and I snacked on the left overs on the train back to Edinburgh.


[1]Though, actually, it’s been summer since May, but that’s another argument.

About Nuala

Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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