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Cooking with Kids: Pasta with Oven Cooked Veg

Another method rather than recipe. Put cherry tomatoes, chopped pancetta, chopped onions and whatever other veg you fancy – this time I went for some mushrooms and celery because they were in the fridge – in an oven proof dish. … Continue reading

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Traveling while having unreasonable food requirements and kids

This week I’m in Dublin with my daughters to see my family.  It seemed like a good time to talk about what a pain it is to travel with unreasonable food requirements. This photo is from last year’s epic trip … Continue reading

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Recipe: Niamh’s Chilli

Again this is more a method than a recipe. My sister made this today in both a mild version for the kids and a hot version for the rest of us. Chilli Brown the meat. Put aside, fry some onions, … Continue reading

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Why Potato Waffles and Stew?

Because convenience food is a lie. I made this stew this afternoon. Eldest helped with the veg chopping which was much easier to manage in a big kitchen than in our tiny galley at home. I then realised there were … Continue reading

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Restaurant: The Market Bar

The Market Bar is on Fade Street and is a tapas bar that was recommended to me as a good place to eat with kids. And it was. Twice, as another friend also suggested we do brunch there on Sunday. … Continue reading

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Lunch Snapshot

Salad from Leopardstown Farmers’ Market. Wine from Dad’s stash. It’s Italian. Basil and almond hummus also from the market. Cracker by Jacobs. A milk free feast in the south Dublin sunshine.

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Recipe: Tapenade

This isn’t really a recipe, more a method. Take a jar of good quality black olives. Half them and add some olive oil and chopped garlic if you fancy it. Blitz with a hand blender. Put on bowl and eat … Continue reading

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