How to make a Kwazii Birthday Cake

"A cake decorated like a pirate cat with 5 blues candles"

Elder daughter just turned 5 and she requested an Octonauts cake. Specifically, she wanted a Kwazii cake, Kwazii being a reformed pirate cat, which obviously makes him the coolest character.

I’m by no means an expert cake decorator – I tend to go with making chocolate butter icing using marg and spread it enthusiastically about to cover any defects in my artistry.  So I was pretty nervous about decorating the cake, not helped by the on going lurgy in our household which led to the party being moved to the park at the last minute.

But, actually, it turns out something as graphic as a cartoon character is relatively simple to make and all the 5 year olds correctly identified the cake as Kwazii so I count it a complete success.  Also, the cake was nice, which is a bonus.

The cake recipe I used was an easy chocolate cake one from the BBC.  I used marg instead of butter and oat milk for a milk substitute.  I suspect if I was a pro at this I’d have used something a little denser, but it was fine.  I made it in one tin rather than two and cooked it for about an hour.  I put some chocolate ‘butter’ icing on top to keep the fondant icing in place.

I bought the icing as although I have made fondant icing in the past, I haven’t always had great success with it.  I got it from The Finishing Touch (link is to their location as the website isn’t especially informative) which sells pre coloured icing but sadly not orange.  So I bought a lot of white icing and some black.  I still have loads in the fridge.  I had food dye already – the paste stuff, not the liquid, so I was pretty confident I could mix up the necessary colours.

First, I took 750g of icing and added some yellow and some red dye to it.  I kneaded it in thoroughly and examined the colour carefully.  Peach.  More dye needed.  Kneaded again.  Still peach.  I got worried.  But after 3 or 4 more colour applications I got orange.  While it was still peach I put some aside for the inside of his ears.

Once I was happy with the colour, I rolled out the icing and laid it over the cake.

"Cake covered in orange icing"I then trimmed the edges and used some of the large bits to make two ears. I added some of the lighter icing as the inner part of the ears.

"Cake covered with orange icing with ears added"Then I took some white icing and added blue dye to make the hat.

"Cake with added blue hat"Then the eye patch and eye from black icing and I added a small dot of white icing on the eye.

"Cake with Eye Patch"Next the nose/mouth or whatever you call that part of a cat’s face in white icing.

"An orange cake with an eye patch"A nose in pink and some black whisker dots are all that’s needed to finish it off.

"A Kwazii cake"And that’s how you make a Kwazii cake.  Not high art exactly, but a nice bit of fiddly work to make something tasty and special.  Both kids and parents enjoyed the cake on the day and the small amount leftover was polished off within a day or two.

If you find this tutorial helpful, please do let me know and share a picture of the final result. And please do ask if anything is unclear.

About Nuala

Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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3 Responses to How to make a Kwazii Birthday Cake

  1. 18saughtonmains says:

    The cake rocked! Well done.

  2. Hayley says:

    It looks fab, I have been searching for inspiration as i too have to make a Kwazi cake at the end of the month. I had similar thoughts as you as how to make it but you made it look so simple. Shall let you know how mine turns out. :-)

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