So what do you eat? Part 3 Chocolate

"a small blonder toddler eats some chocolate while kneeling on a chair"A lot of people when they hear we don’t eat milk assume this is a joyless lentil eating household (rather than a joyful chickpea eating one) and that my kids must have a sad treat free life.  In fact, I am probably more laid back about sugar and fat filled treats because so many of them are off limits.

But sadly, to follow through on this generous stance is harder than I’d like because so many chocolate manufacturers put random milk products in what is meant to be dark chocolate. So, Bournville is out as it has butter oil, Dark Choc Bounty ditto, all Co-op dark chocolates have milk powder in them.  I could go on.  Also, our household does the Nestle boycott thing, so I don’t even know which of their chocolate I could eat.  But, thank the quakers, Fry’s chocolate cream and its orange and mint variants are safe.  Also, despite some hiccups with labelling over the years once they were bought by Cadburys, Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate is safe and is what younger daughter was stealing in the picture above.

Marketing and consistent product design is actually useful in keeping the kids milk free.  Eldest has been able to confidently identify the chocolate I let her eat since before her third birthday.  It would be scary if that skill wasn’t being used to remember she can’t eat 95% of the choices available.

Finally, I do sometimes visit health food shops and I have a fondness for the milk free candy covered chocolate you can get (can’t be called vegan Smarties, but that’s basically what they are) especially the ones that are blatantly coloured using beetroot. Natural colours just aren’t as impressively bright as the artificial stuff.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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