Restaurant: The Market Bar


The Market Bar is on Fade Street and is a tapas bar that was recommended to me as a good place to eat with kids. And it was. Twice, as another friend also suggested we do brunch there on Sunday.

They have a kids menu which hits that sweet spot between being food the kids like and food you feel confident contains actual nutrition. There was a choice of meatballs with pasta or patatas brava, tortillas or chicken goujons. These came with a choice or drink and a dessert for 6€ There wasn’t a milk free dessert – if they had soya or other fake milk to use to make the hot choc option this could be solved easily.

Both visits I was early so ordered eldest’s food first and it arrived fast and well presented.  I like places that give children ketchup in ramkins for dipping – it feels more fancy and less bad food that way. She’s going to want it anyway so why not dress it up? In the mean time the menu had a picture to colour in on the back so the 5 year old was happy.

The first visit I ordered the early bird deal of 2 small tapas and a drink for 14€. The dishes were plenty big and I am scared to contemplate how big the large portions are.  I has calamari and meatballs with patatas.  My friend had patatas brava and a pork, chorizo and bean stew. The toddler had great fun dipping the calamari into the garlic mayo and handing them to me but refused to taste one.  The tastiest dish was my friend’s stew but it was all good.

On Sunday I had the pictured steak sandwich and it was lovely – perfect brunch indulgent hearty food.

As far as milk free friendliness was concerned they were ok. The menu had vegetarian and gluten free options marked but not milk free. It did say you should ask if you had an questions about the food and the question I did ask was promptly and straight forwardly answered. But given that much of their food is milk free anyway, adding labelling to their menu and getting some soya milk would move them from being ok to being great.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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