Recipe: Niamh’s Chilli


Again this is more a method than a recipe. My sister made this today in both a mild version for the kids and a hot version for the rest of us.


Brown the meat. Put aside, fry some onions, if making the spicy version add cumin, crushed chillies and some deseeded fresh chillies. When sweated, add other veg to taste – this had celery, red peppers and carrots. Then add tinned chickpeas and kidney beans. Mix in some chopped tomatoes, add beef stock and after this has heated through, put the meat back in.  Season and simmer for as long as possible to deepen the flavours.  At least an hour.  Serve with guacamole, boiled rice and home made tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips

I liked these so much I made a second batch.

Take a few tortilla wraps and cut them into pieces (my sister uses a kitchen scissors, which would never have occurred to me.)  Fry in a small amount of oil. When first side is done
(starting to brown) flip over and sprinkle some salt over the top. Serve warm in a big pile.

About Nuala

Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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