Cooking with Kids: Pasta with Oven Cooked Veg


Another method rather than recipe. Put cherry tomatoes, chopped pancetta, chopped onions and whatever other veg you fancy – this time I went for some mushrooms and celery because they were in the fridge – in an oven proof dish. Add crushed garlic, some herbs and some olive oil. Shake the dish so the oil coats everything. Put in a medium oven until everything is cooked through approx 30 – 45 minutes. At end of cooking time boil the pasta. Stir the drained pasta into the veg. Serve.

This is simple food of the sort that is great when you need to cook quickly after being out of the house all day. And eldest loves to help. She chopped the mushrooms and celery.  She added the oil and seasonings.  And she stirred it all together in the end. I find the big hurdle with her help is trusting her to do it. Once I do she is usually competent and rewards that trust. The first time I handed her a sharp knife was scary though. It wouldn’t have occured to me to try but her nursery had already made apple crumble with her and the proof of her chopping ability was there in a colour photo in her learning folder.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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One Response to Cooking with Kids: Pasta with Oven Cooked Veg

  1. 18saughtonmains says:

    It is about trust, and I’ve been letting the elder daughter use a knife for a while. Don’t you remember freaking out when I let her use it at the tender age of 3? She asked to cut veg, so I let her (and hovered round nervously).

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