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Snapshot: Sourdough Heart

I think the dough is still a little wet, which makes my shaping dodgy. Also, distracted by some bad telly I baked this for about 5 minutes too long.

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Potato pizza

This was the pizza I made with my extra sourdough starter. I mixed the starter with an equal amount of flour, added 1 tablespoon of olive oil and enough water to make a firm dough. I left it to rest … Continue reading

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Looks good but…

The curd was a big fail. Too much cornflour. I will try again with a different curd recipe. The pastry and top were great though. I’ve been avoiding making sweet pastry with marg but it was fine.

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Chickpea mash. Totally different from hummus. Honest. With bonus velvety spinach.

This was dinner the other night.  A slight variation on one of the meals in the autumn section of Sophie Grigson’s Feasts for a Fiver – another one of my library recipe books.  I tend to find Grigson’s recipes a … Continue reading

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First sourdough, some process thoughts and the end result

A few days after this post the starter had reached a point where I was happy to try to make bread with it.  The recipe I was following (from Crust, because I am nothing if not predictable) says the rise … Continue reading

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Lemon and Lime biscuits

I’ve started watching The Great British Bake Off. I had avoided it for a while as often this sort of program is a little mocky for my taste but the GBB totally isn’t.  The Bread episode was my gateway, but … Continue reading

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After reading my blog, a neighbour was inspired to give me some of her starter, so I feed it tonight in preparation for making some bread later in the week.  I noticed she seems to keep it quite liquid, while … Continue reading

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