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Halloween mini cupcakes

The cupcake recipe is the Lemon cupcake one I posted before. This time I was miserly about the amount I put into each case and got 45 mini cakes out of that quantity.  I had grand decorating ambitions and then … Continue reading

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Pork Tsunkune with Teriyake Dipping Sauce – A Qualified Success

Apologies for the bad photo.  It’s proper autumn here now and I’m going to need to work on lighting for evening meal photographs.  Not that anyone is here for my photography. The failure bit of making this was in the … Continue reading

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Quick garlic bread

Another not really a recipe, but a method post. 18saughtonmains got this idea from @philipianhall and we’ve been scoffing my new favourite bread this way since then. The kids love it too. Toast the bread lightly, drizzle some olive oil … Continue reading

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Making Sourdough Muffins with Youngest

With youngest still being under two it is hard to find ways she can safely help me in our kitchen.  But the other morning after setting some Norwich Sourdough going I had some left over sourdough starter so decided to … Continue reading

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Pie is not really part of my cooking idiom – it wasn’t something my mum (or I suspect any Irish mother) made and I don’t remember learning how to make it at school.  I have also been intimidated by puff … Continue reading

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Buttery: A very not vegan Aberdeenshire delicacy

I had never heard of a buttery (also called a rowie, depending on where you are from) before last month when within a week they were mentioned on the Great British Bake Off and a neighbour (who grew up in … Continue reading

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Making and learning

I’ve been playing about with making yeasted bread for about a year this go round. Before that I’d done the odd loaf here and there following recipes in whatever cookery book I liked at the time but never really had … Continue reading

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