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Ridiculously Easy Sweets: Honeycomb

I made this on a whim this evening – read something which mentioned it and thought it would be fun to make quickly after tea.  I didn’t label this as cooking with kids as the kids didn’t help but despite … Continue reading

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Snapshot: 2 Good Looking Baguettes

Though I actually made 4. I’m still struggling with consistent shaping. The bread tastes good though – youngest likes it dipped in oil and eldest goes for honey.

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Recipe: Tarte au citron

Over the summer I became obsessed with working out how to make tarte au citron without butter or cream.  It seemed like an impossible idea, so I wandered off down the side street of meringue pie for a while.  And … Continue reading

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Guacamole: our house version

Many years ago I live in a house share in Tooting.  Tooting was a great place to live and as well as the local pub with good cider on tap, it had many many southern Indian restaurants and good small … Continue reading

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An experiment after failure: bread and no butter pudding

I attempted to make panettone last week. We shall talk no more of it, unless in the future I have a success.  But the solid fruited bread-ish thing that was the result could be used to make something I have … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash and Chickpea Salad

I made this exactly as Smitten Kitchen directs. But with bigger pieces, so I should have roasted the squash for longer.  The chickpeas combined with the tahini dressing made it a bit like deconstructed hummus with squash but I see … Continue reading

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