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Recipe: Miso Soup

This was a request from eldest daughter who currently claims to not like soup but was willing to make an exception.  She also doesn’t like tofu, but liked the silken tofu in this, possibly because she got to put the … Continue reading

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Lunch, this week – mini pizzas

Despite making this lunch 3 times this week, I have completely failed to take any photos of it.  Still, it is simple and tasty and quick, which is the ideal hot lunch combination. Make the same pizza dough as for … Continue reading

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Recipe: Za’atar and Manakish bi Za’atar

A while ago I bought If Destroyed Still True #6 from Nine and at the same time I got Veganistan, which is a cookzine about Middle Eastern and Maghreb food.  This combined with Veggiestan, which the kids bought 18saughtonmains for … Continue reading

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Recipe: Roast Squash Soup

Orange soup is what you need in January and early February before the days lengthen properly and when it can seem like winter will always be with us.  Not as powerful as a full spectrum lamp, but a pick you … Continue reading

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Recipe: Fake Butter Icing or The Ubiquitous Cupcake

Cupcakes are everywhere at the moment and they are perfect for kids’ parties – single serving, easy to decorate (at least compared to a full sized cake) and lovely to display.  The kids who came to the tiny party I … Continue reading

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Apple Cake

This recipe is one of the blessed few that doesn’t require any tweaking to be milk free. It’s naturally just apples, eggs, sugar, flour and some vanilla essence. Elder kid helped with most of this recipe – she peeled apples, … Continue reading

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Recipe: Chicken, Potato & Artichoke

Or Pollo, patate e carciofi as I imagine it was originally called as this is a pretty classic Italian dish.  I found this recipe in one of those free small glossy mags given away in restaurants and cafes.  They exist … Continue reading

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