Recipe: Pea Soup with Serrano Ham


Jamon Jamon is one of the most random movies I ever watched – the IFC has only just opened and it felt exciting to see this strange over the top Spanish movie with the Bull signs and a fight with cured ham joints and a very young Penelope Cruz. I don’t know that I’d ever had Spanish ham then – I think we had Parma ham sometimes but I don’t remember having tried the stronger tasting Spanish version. Years later, when in Madrid for my cousin’s wedding, my father and I went to a branch of Museo del Jamon, where, as the name suggests, the ham is the star.  Whereas, for me this soup is mostly about the peas, with the ham filling out the taste without dominating.  18saughtonmains and I have been bickering about who gets to have the left overs for lunch.

Pea Soup with Ham
An onion, chopped
A carrot, chopped
2 bay leaves
3 garlic cloves, minced
a small amount of mint, chopped
400g peas – frozen this time of year, but I bet this would be amazing with fresh peas
100g Serrano Ham, chopped
750ml stock – I used vegan Marigold, a poke around google suggests chicken stock is popular

Fry the onion in some oil until it’s translucent.  Add the carrots and bay leaves and allow to cook for a few minutes – the kitchen will suddenly smell amazing as the bay starts to warm up.  Add the chopped ham and the garlic and mint – I chopped them up together in that garlic shredder thing I mentioned in the summer.  It made a lovely minty/garlic mush.  Leave for a few minutes.  Add the peas and stir to get the garlic and ham goodness over them.  Cook for 2 to 3 minutes and then add the stock.  Heat until the peas are tender, then take off the heat and blend.  Taste and add salt and pepper as needed – it probably won’t need much salt.

I bet some more ham or a drizzle of olive oil on top (or both) would be lovely, but I just had it as it came.  Eldest said it was OK, but for green soup she prefers her granddad’s broccoli soup.  So as well as the roast squash soup I need to write up, I suspect there is broccoli soup in the blog future.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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