Recipe: Fake Butter Icing or The Ubiquitous Cupcake


Cupcakes are everywhere at the moment and they are perfect for kids’ parties – single serving, easy to decorate (at least compared to a full sized cake) and lovely to display.  The kids who came to the tiny party I had for my newly 2 year old had a hard time concentrating on the savoury party food once they spotted these.

There was some suggestion that I should make a Peppa Pig Cake but I didn’t think my decorating skills were up to it.  Luckily last week I noticed some cupcakes in a box that were Peppa themed and didn’t have any milk in them.  So I made them and a batch of the Lemon Mini-Cupcakes I blogged previously, without lemon and with some added vanilla essence.  The mini-cupcake recipe made 12 mini cakes and 12 full sized ones.

I didn’t fancy the puddle themed icing that came in the box, so I made my own for all the cakes – some pink and some chocolate.

With only 3 ingredients this is less a recipe, more a method – take twice as much icing sugar as fat (I used block stork but any vegan marg would do), sift it well and beat half of it together with the fat and a small splash of fake milk.  If making chocolate icing add a tablespoon of cocoa at this stage.  Beat again and then start adding the rest of the sugar.  Keep beating as you add the sugar – you want the icing very fluffy.  For the pink (or whatever other colour you want) icing add colouring at the end – if you add in the middle, adding more sugar will lighten the colour.  I like the colour pastes as they don’t add liquid and make lovely strong colours.

For 24 cupcakes and 12 mini cupcakes I used 12 oz fat and 24 oz of icing sugar.  Which seemed like a horrible amount in the making stage, but if you skimp on the sugar, the icing ends up too fatty.

After piping the icing I decorated with edible glitter, the edible Peppa stickers from the box and wafer flowers.

The star of the show was very happy.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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