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Snapshot: Pancakes

For the totally secular holiday. Delia’s recipe of course with oatmilk instead.

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Recipe: Meen Molee (Coconut Fish Curry)

Last week was half term, so there was cooking, but no blogging time as I usually blog after dropping eldest to school while youngest is watching Show Me, Show Me before we head off to whatever we’re doing that morning.  … Continue reading

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Leftovers for Rugby Watching

These are flour tortillas fried in a pan and then folded over some reheated leftover pork empanada filling topped with very ripe avocado.

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Recipe: Empanadas with 3 different fillings

I love these.  If it were up to me I would make them all the time.  The rest of the family aren’t so keen, not because they don’t like them but because they are unconvinced that a parcel of yummy … Continue reading

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Recipe: Moro Inspired Pork & Almonds in a Paprika Sauce

This was so nearly a failure.  I’d glanced at the recipe (from Moro East, my new favourite recipe book), asked 18saughtonmains to pick up some pork without specifying the cut, so he bought steaks instead of fillet and then I … Continue reading

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Review: National Museum of Scotland

I seem to remember that before this closed, it was the Royal Museum, but as a bit of a republican I can’t say I’m unhappy about the change. Since the museum reopened we’ve been there most weeks as both the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Coconut Fish Curry

I’ve put this down in the failure category because it’s not what I was aiming for, but this is slightly unfair of me.  It was actually lovely fish curry, but the wrong sort.  This is Kerala coconut fish curry, which … Continue reading

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