Recipe: Lily’s Scones


I’ve spent part of the week making scones.  I started with the Delia Smith one from The Complete Cookery Course as that was the one I used to use as a child.  And the result was … OK.  Not heavy or a disaster, but not very risen either.  Partly the recipe, partly I rolled them too thin.  The kids who got to eat them demolished them with great gusto, but I was unhappy.  So I grumbled on twitter and Liz reminded me that Nigella has a recipe in her Domestic Goddess book.  This recipe uses 4.5 tsps of cream of tartar and also twice as much flour, so it is easier to make lovely thick scones. Also, after reading the Guardian’s How to Make a Perfect Scone I decided to replace half the flour with pasta flour I have that is about to go out of date.  I don’t know if it was the cream of tartar or the pasta flour or both but the end result was soft and fluffy scones which have been eaten in an afternoon.

(BTW, this is my 100th post. I started this blog to be a place to collect all my converted recipes.  Thanks to everyone who reads it and especially the folk who have made recipes from here and taken the time to tell me how it went.)

Lily’s Scones
250g 00 flour
250g plain flour
2 teaspoons baking soda (bicarb)
4.5 teaspoons cream of tartar
1 tablespoon of light brown sugar (original says caster sugar but I didn’t have any)
75g vegan marg
300ml oat milk
A medium egg to brush over the top

Heat the oven to 200 C (a non fan oven should be a little hotter).  Shift the dry ingredients together in a bowl.  Add the marg in blocks and rub it into the flour mixture with the tips of your fingers.  Add the milk and mix until it comes together.  Put on a floured surface and knead briefly.  Roll to the thickness of your index and middle fingers (I rolled it slightly thinner than this and got 15 scones out of the dough) When cutting it out don’t twist the cutter as this will give the scones a strange shape.  Once you have cut the scones out, take all the off cuts, knead together and cut out a few more.  Put them on a baking sheet and brush with egg before cooking them for 10 minutes.

Eat as many as you can manage with jam.  I like blackcurrant and the kids like strawberry.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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2 Responses to Recipe: Lily’s Scones

  1. Noel Fahey says:

    Hi Nuala – interesting article in today’s Guardian about mainstream food writing in case you have’nt seen it.

  2. I do think this is the best scone recipe! I found the Guardian article interesting too.

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