Recipe: Pork Meatballs, Latest Version and bonus dipping sauce

No pictures as they are always eaten as soon as I make them, but these have become a weekly event in our house and actually get requested. There are two dipping sauces – one sweet soy one for the kids and a ginger, garlic and chilli one for adults. I left the bowl of leftover ginger sauce out in the kitchen last night and the house now smells of ginger.

This started as a recipe torn from the Guardian but I’ve tweaked a fair amount


500g pork mince
1 egg
Scant half tablespoon of cornflour
Some chopped onion – either spring onions, or shallots ideally.
2 garlic cloves
3 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted in a small frying pan and then allowed to cool
Some sesame oil
1 tablespoon fish sauce
Some chopped mint leaves
A small sprinkling of chilli powder (chilli flakes if you aren’t cooking for kids)
Salt and pepper

soy dipping sauce

Equal amounts of soy sauce and mirin
A small amount of sugar – approx half as much by volume as soy sauce
A peeled piece of garlic
Some pepper corns

ginger dipping sauce
From here with additions

1 tablespoon minced garlic
1 tablespoon mince ginger
Some chilli powder
2 tablespoons fish sauce
1 tablespoon Chinese vinegar (wine vinegar works if necessary)
Juice of half a lime
Teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoons sesame oil

Mix the meatball ingredients together. Leave for the flavour to develop for at least an hour.

Make the 2 sauces – the soy one is made by http all the ingredients together in a small pan and simmering until the mixture has halved in volume and is glossy. The ginger one just needs all the ingredients mixed together in a bowl.

When you are read to cook the meatballs, form them and then fry them over a medium heat. Serve with noodles, the dipping sauces and steamed broccoli.

A bonus idea is to make a salad the next day with leftover noodles, the ginger dip and some hot smoked salmon. At least, that’s my lunch today and I’m enjoying it.

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Geeky feminist Irish woman living in Scotland. Has two daughters and a lot of yarn. Really likes hummus.
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