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A couple of weeks ago, we hosted a youth group session in our house, and Nuala got the kids to bake some bread rolls and breadsticks. When it was time to eat the baking, I got out a jar of … Continue reading

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Cauliflower with tomato and cumin

This one’s taken from Casa Moro by Sam and Sam Clark. The cauliflower is supported by tomatoes, so don’t overwhelm the dish with them. A medium cauliflower is enough for a side dish and leftovers. Start by breaking it into … Continue reading

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Cianfotta (pepper, aubergine and potato stew)

We’ve been going through old cookbooks. Found this vegan stew in “Organic” by Sophie Grigson and William Black, and as the vegan family from the West are over today, I’ve cooked it. Here’s what I did: Heat extra virgin olive … Continue reading

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