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Snapshot: Fougasse

I made this bacon and onion Fougasse from the recipe in Paul Hollywood’s 100 Great Breads months ago and meant to review the book and post the recipe.  But life happened and the book went back to the library without … Continue reading

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Pork Tsunkune with Teriyake Dipping Sauce – A Qualified Success

Apologies for the bad photo.  It’s proper autumn here now and I’m going to need to work on lighting for evening meal photographs.  Not that anyone is here for my photography. The failure bit of making this was in the … Continue reading

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Recipe Book Review – Vegan with a Vengeance

When I first realised I needed to stop eat milk products (pregnant with eldest and any milk made me throw up.  It wasn’t fun.) I panicked as, to be honest, I tended to cook using the theory that cheese and … Continue reading

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