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Holey Bread Batman

This is what happens if you give up waiting for your sourdough bread to rise, go to bed and the. Don’t get around to cooking them until lunchtime the next day. The bread tastes ok but it was massively over … Continue reading

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The Cupcake of Disappointment

I think this cupcake looks pretty good. My piping is improving and I like how this particular swirl turned out. But. The sad truth is this icing tastes disgusting. It is Italian Meringue Butter Icing and is quite tricky to … Continue reading

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Snapshot: Coffee and Walnut Cake

The icing isn’t perfect, so the recipe needs fiddling before posting, but it tastes good.

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Not entirely brilliant meatballs and a quick flatbread recipe

This post is pictureless as the flatbread doesn’t last long around here and the meatballs we had last night weren’t worth recording.  The meat balls were from this Hairy Bikers recipe but I had no parsley so tried to get … Continue reading

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Recipe: Coconut Fish Curry

I’ve put this down in the failure category because it’s not what I was aiming for, but this is slightly unfair of me.  It was actually lovely fish curry, but the wrong sort.  This is Kerala coconut fish curry, which … Continue reading

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Pork Tsunkune with Teriyake Dipping Sauce – A Qualified Success

Apologies for the bad photo.  It’s proper autumn here now and I’m going to need to work on lighting for evening meal photographs.  Not that anyone is here for my photography. The failure bit of making this was in the … Continue reading

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Looks good but…

The curd was a big fail. Too much cornflour. I will try again with a different curd recipe. The pastry and top were great though. I’ve been avoiding making sweet pastry with marg but it was fine.

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