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Guacamole: our house version

Many years ago I live in a house share in Tooting.  Tooting was a great place to live and as well as the local pub with good cider on tap, it had many many southern Indian restaurants and good small … Continue reading

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Traveling while having unreasonable food requirements and kids

This week I’m in Dublin with my daughters to see my family.  It seemed like a good time to talk about what a pain it is to travel with unreasonable food requirements. This photo is from last year’s epic trip … Continue reading

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Why Potato Waffles and Stew?

Because convenience food is a lie. I made this stew this afternoon. Eldest helped with the veg chopping which was much easier to manage in a big kitchen than in our tiny galley at home. I then realised there were … Continue reading

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So what do you eat? Part 3 Chocolate

A lot of people when they hear we don’t eat milk assume this is a joyless lentil eating household (rather than a joyful chickpea eating one) and that my kids must have a sad treat free life.  In fact, I … Continue reading

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Messed about with food – Mayo

As it happens, I can make my own mayo – it is fairly simple to make if you can get good eggs and always impresses as a show off when cooking for others.  And it tastes amazing with fresh bread.  … Continue reading

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