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Leftover pork tacos

I roasted some pork shoulder last week. And have had lots of leftovers. Yesterday’s soup wasn’t documented but I remembered to take this snap before eating tonight. I fried some onions,  added garlic and sliced chilli once the onion was … Continue reading

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Hummus, my way

It seems weird I haven’t done a hummus recipe yet, but 18saughtonmains is the default hummus maker around here and although he has promised to post his recipe, he hasn’t got around to it yet. So here is mine, inspired … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Make Milk Free Hot Chocolate

Although the threatened snow hasn’t arrived yet, it is cold around here and the sight of the kids running through what eldest called ‘leaf snow’ reminded me it is the start of hot chocolate season, when I try to keep … Continue reading

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Chocolate Tartine

I’ve been reading The Little Paris Kitchen. I lived in Belgium as a child so simple straight forward French cooking is very familiar from family trips to Northern France, but I got out of the habit of French style cooking … Continue reading

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Lunch, this week – mini pizzas

Despite making this lunch 3 times this week, I have completely failed to take any photos of it.  Still, it is simple and tasty and quick, which is the ideal hot lunch combination. Make the same pizza dough as for … Continue reading

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Method: Roast Peppers

I remember the first time I saw my then flatmate stick a red pepper on a knife and hold it over a gas burner.  I thought she was insane, but she was actually just making roast red peppers for her … Continue reading

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An experiment after failure: bread and no butter pudding

I attempted to make panettone last week. We shall talk no more of it, unless in the future I have a success.  But the solid fruited bread-ish thing that was the result could be used to make something I have … Continue reading

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