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Trying Out Being A Hedgehog

I’m usually a fox type of a person – I like to know and do many things. The jobs I’ve enjoyed have been the ones that played to my fox tendencies – needing to know and do many things, no … Continue reading

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Recipe: Lily’s Scones

I’ve spent part of the week making scones.  I started with the Delia Smith one from The Complete Cookery Course as that was the one I used to use as a child.  And the result was … OK.  Not heavy … Continue reading

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Apple Cake

This recipe is one of the blessed few that doesn’t require any tweaking to be milk free. It’s naturally just apples, eggs, sugar, flour and some vanilla essence. Elder kid helped with most of this recipe – she peeled apples, … Continue reading

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Occasional wobble

It’s pretty much 6 years since I gave up milk and mostly I am fine with it.  I have a good handle on what I can and can’t eat, I enjoy the sweet baking I do with eldest and I … Continue reading

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Making and learning

I’ve been playing about with making yeasted bread for about a year this go round. Before that I’d done the odd loaf here and there following recipes in whatever cookery book I liked at the time but never really had … Continue reading

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Cooking with Kids: A Mysterious Gadget

When visiting my family last month eldest daughter got to use a very useful gadget to mush up garlic.  It is basically two pieces of plastic with some teeth.  You place the clove inside and twist them together until the … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Interrupted Baker

This was originally a guest post on DorkyMum  A big thank you to her for giving me the space and push to actually articulate some of this stuff.  It also made me finally start posting here regularly as I wanted … Continue reading

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