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Reuse – Peanut sauce

One of the things that makes me feel good as a household cook is when I am organised enough to use something for several different meals over the course of a week. First because it makes the prep for the … Continue reading

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We really do eat these meatballs all the time

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Snapshot: Mini Cupcakes cooling

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Recipe: Meen Molee (Coconut Fish Curry)

Last week was half term, so there was cooking, but no blogging time as I usually blog after dropping eldest to school while youngest is watching Show Me, Show Me before we head off to whatever we’re doing that morning.  … Continue reading

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Lunch, this week – mini pizzas

Despite making this lunch 3 times this week, I have completely failed to take any photos of it.  Still, it is simple and tasty and quick, which is the ideal hot lunch combination. Make the same pizza dough as for … Continue reading

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Halloween mini cupcakes

The cupcake recipe is the Lemon cupcake one I posted before. This time I was miserly about the amount I put into each case and got 45 mini cakes out of that quantity.  I had grand decorating ambitions and then … Continue reading

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Recipe revisited: Chicken with Lemon, Chilli and Mint

Last week I posted this recipe and mentioned that although I thought it was good in theory, the version I had produced wasn’t very nice. I put this down to the skinless boneless chicken I used and this week tried … Continue reading

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